Jobs for Language Professionals – What Happens After Finishing a Degree?

Wide Range of Jobs

A wide range of professional fields are possible for you after graduating as a translator or interpreter. You will be well prepared for all of these jobs through our practice-oriented degree programs – for example, by choosing a suitable specialization in the master's program. In addition, the knowledge that you acquire in both our bachelor's and master's degrees allows you to get started in other areas.

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Typical Professional Jobs

After completing a degree program at our faculty, you will be a highly qualified specialist and can work as a translator or interpreter in a wide range of jobs. Some examples:

  • Specialized translation
  • Post editing
  • Conference interpreting
  • Specialist interpreting
  • Project management for translating and interpreting
  • Revision and quality management
  • Audiovisual translation (e.g. subtitling)
  • Software localization
  • Language and translation technology
  • Technical writing
  • Terminology

Other Professional Fields

By studying at our faculty, you also lay the foundation for one of the numerous specializations that exist in the professional fields of language or foreign languages, such as:

  • Teaching
  • Adult education
  • Copywriting
  • Online journalism
  • Intercultural communication
  • Business (export, sales, tourism, PR/marketing)

These fields are open to you after completing your degree program as a translator or interpreter.

Your Prospects after Graduation

To put it simply: Very good! In the future, an increasing number of texts will need to be translated. Although an increasing percentage of these texts is processed by machine translation plus post editing, the tasks in the field of translation continue to increase, for example in project management, and are even becoming more diverse. Machine translation, for example, creates new jobs for translators. The same applies to interpreters: Experts are desperately sought after and can earn good money.

A study among graduates of our degree programs (PDF file in German) showed the following:

  • More than 50% of our graduates take up a professional activity in the first two months after graduation, and even 79% in the first six months after graduation.
  • 70.5% of all our graduates and 92% of our bachelor graduates are employed.
  • Almost 85% of our graduates are employed on a permanent basis, compared to 64% of bachelor graduates.
  • 72.6% of our graduates work full-time, among bachelor graduates even 92%.
  • The median income of our bachelor graduates is between € 2,501 and € 3,000.

If you study translation or interpreting, you are still in demand!

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